Announcing ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow!


We’re super happy to finally share our latest development with you: ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow will arrive for Train Sim World 3 on the 26th January 2023!


We’re super stoked that with Edinburgh – Glasgow, a new Scottish route makes its way into the virtual world. Well maybe the fact that we’re a Scottish game studio does the rest. ^^ It’s the longest route we have made to date, so you will have enough time enjoying the Class 385 up to it’s full speed. Following the trend opening up areas for the player we started with the Island Line 2022, we have done even more on this route. Most of the station buildings can be explored – and we’ve added a lot of detail to make them feel realistic. There are also hidden rooms – just look out for red doors with “Staff only” text on it. 🙂

Since this route is featuring many iconic landmarks, we were working really hard on bringing as many of them into Train Sim World 3 as possible. But before I start talking too much, just have a look for yourself:

Included with the route is the Class 385, ScotRail’s flag-ship train right now. And before you ask: Yes, we’ve included the 3- and the 4-car version. With it’s bold outer visuals, this was a particular stunning train to make. But the inside is pretty cool too! For the first time, we’re bringing a working TMS (Train Monitoring System) screen into Train Sim World. From there, you can see your current train formation, change the passenger lighting, uncouple the train or control the PIS system with our fancy new announcements!