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Available now: ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow

Finally, you can get your hands on the new ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow route!


We’re super happy for you to explore our latest route ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow for Train Sim World 3!

Get on board the Class 385 and discover our longest route to date. Explore the 47 miles long main line connecting Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen street on board ScotRail’s state of the art traction. Start off in the impressive city of Edinburgh at Waverley station and make your way through changing landscapes all the way down into Glasgow Queen Street.

Important: If you’re playing on PlayStation, the add-on will be available on Tuesday, 31st January 2023. Learn more about the why here: Click to learn more!

We want to hear your feedback!


We hope you’re enjoying your first drives on the new Edinburgh – Glasgow route add-on! Don’t forget to share your review with us, you can do so on Steam for example. These help us and other players a lot.

If you’re having troubles, need any help or just wanted to share feedback (good or bad), join our Rivet Games forums. We’ll be there and assist with anything we can!

Meet the ScotRail Class 385!

Meet the ScotRail Class 385!


Together with our ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow route add-on, a new train will make it’s way to Train Sim World: The Class 385! Learn more about our recreation here.

The Class 385 is ScotRail’s flagship train. Running on the main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow, these trains are well received by the public, not least because of their striking exterieur. And from January 26th, you’ll be able to take control over it.

Modelling the Class 385 was quite an experience, because of the different coaches with each a different interior, plus the two endcoaches – one with, and one withour a first class section. If you want to learn more about the modelling and texturing on the Class 385, watch the devblog linked below!

But what about the Class 385’s features?


We’re so glad you asked! We’ve spent more time then usual, developing unique features for this train. Let’s talk about a few, starting with the most obvious, right at the cab:

The TMS: TMS stands for “Train Monitoring System” and it is the big screen right at your cab desk. It packs a lot of functionality – click on upper half of the screen to start it. First, we need to confirm the current formation we’re on. After logging in (with any 4 digit combination btw.), you’re presented with the home screen. This shows your formation again, with the train destination, the date & the current speed. From sub-menus, you can control the doors, passenger lighting or uncouple the train. The best part of it: The Auto Announcement feature!

The Auto Announcement System: We’re really glad to bring a working PIS system to Train Sim World 3! From the “Auto Announcement” button, the announcement menu opens. From here you can select from a large number of announcements and choose if the should play just once or how many times. Worth noting: There are announcements which include the station you’re at right now, the next one or the final destination. Our system will grab these and add them in automatically.

The Automatic Blinds: The first class section on this train is equipped with blinds. You can of course control the manually, but depending on the temperature and cloudiness, these will set to a random position on load, simulating passengers who have pulled these down.

We hope you enjoyed this little preview! Don’t forget to grab your 10% discount now if you decide to pre-order ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow. The addon will be available on all platforms on the 26th January 2023.

Pre-Order Edinburgh – Glasgow now!

Pre-order ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow now and save 10%!


Discover Scottish mainline traffic with the ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow route addon, coming to Train Sim World 3 on the 26th January 2023!

Rapid inter-city action in state-of-the-art traction awaits! Discover Scotland’s two biggest cities and take charge of dense commuter services on ScotRail’s principal rail line. The modern Class 385 is ready for service in Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow.

Discover Scotland’s first inter-city railway! Out of the 5 railway lines between Edinburgh and Glasgow, the most important for inter-city travel has always been the line via Falkirk High. Being the most direct and with 8 intermediate stations en route, trains have been offering a shuttle-like service between the two cities for the past 180 years.

ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow is available for pre-order now, with an extra 10% discount. Grab your copy today, at the link below!

Discover our Edinburgh – Glasgow Preview & Devblog playlist!

If you’re following our YouTube channel you might know it already: With every launch, we try to show off how we build certain features and highlight the features we’re most proud of with our devblog, preview and community update videos. And the launch of ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow is no exception.

But we know how easy it is to lose something in the depths of the internet – that’s why we created a playlist for you, keeping all these video in one place. Find it at the button below!

Announcing ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow

Announcing ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow!


We’re super happy to finally share our latest development with you: ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh – Glasgow will arrive for Train Sim World 3 on the 26th January 2023!


We’re super stoked that with Edinburgh – Glasgow, a new Scottish route makes its way into the virtual world. Well maybe the fact that we’re a Scottish game studio does the rest. ^^ It’s the longest route we have made to date, so you will have enough time enjoying the Class 385 up to it’s full speed. Following the trend opening up areas for the player we started with the Island Line 2022, we have done even more on this route. Most of the station buildings can be explored – and we’ve added a lot of detail to make them feel realistic. There are also hidden rooms – just look out for red doors with “Staff only” text on it. 🙂

Since this route is featuring many iconic landmarks, we were working really hard on bringing as many of them into Train Sim World 3 as possible. But before I start talking too much, just have a look for yourself:

Included with the route is the Class 385, ScotRail’s flag-ship train right now. And before you ask: Yes, we’ve included the 3- and the 4-car version. With it’s bold outer visuals, this was a particular stunning train to make. But the inside is pretty cool too! For the first time, we’re bringing a working TMS (Train Monitoring System) screen into Train Sim World. From there, you can see your current train formation, change the passenger lighting, uncouple the train or control the PIS system with our fancy new announcements!

Available now: TRAVERSO for Train Simulator Classic!

Discover Rivet’s scenic Gotthardbahn with’s state of the art EMU. Meet the FLIRT TRAVERSO for Train Simulator!

In partnership with, the TRAVERSO in its Südostbahn livery is now available at our shop in the Rivet Edition. This edition includes two new scenarios, exclusively made for our Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic.

Included in this edition are many different AI trains, which will make sure that watching the passing trains never get’s boring!